Tuesday , 23 January 2018
100 years of Freemasonry in Wingham

100 years of Freemasonry in Wingham

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ONE hundred years of Freemasonry in Wingham will be honoured on July 5.

The Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of NSW and ACT, Derek James Robson AM will attend the Wingham Lodge to join with local Freemasons to mark the day.

Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest and largest fraternal organisations.

Made up of five million Freemasons around the world, it has adopted the fundamental principles of integrity, goodwill, and charity as foundations for an individual’s life and character.

“It’s not a religion,” secretary Phil Mitchell said, “we offer a community service.”

“Freemasonry is based on brotherly love, relief and truth.”

The 22 current members or ‘brethren’ in Wingham meet on the third Monday of the month.

Recently they combined with other local lodges to raise $80,000 for palliative care on the north coast.

A celebration banquet will be held on Saturday July 5 at the Wingham Golf Club to be attended by 90 guests.

Manning Great Lakes Police Inspector Christine George will give a speech on the evening to the wives and partners on ‘women in the police force.’

Source: http://www.winghamchronicle.com.au/story/2362568/100-years-of-freemasonry-in-wingham/?cs=1551