Monday , 22 January 2018
A Not-So-Secret Society Meeting in Costa Rica

A Not-So-Secret Society Meeting in Costa Rica


At a recent gathering that took place in the capital city of Costa Rica, men wearing ceremonial garb over their business suits conferred about topics such as apprenticeships, fellowcraft, medallions, seals, rituals, and the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns. This special meeting was presided by a special guest from a faraway land who bore gifts, including a medallion that was placed in a museum dedicated to holding artifacts belonging to a fraternal order that people often associate with mysticism.

Freemasonry in Costa Rica dates back to 1865. By 1871, a handful of Fraternal Orders had been established around the country, and they adopted abstract names such as Charity, Hope, Fatih, Progress, Wonder, Concord, Providence, etc. As with other Freemasonry organizations around the world, the Fraternal Orders in Costa Rica are thick with symbolism, allegory and ritual, but they share similar goals with regard to promoting fraternity between members and undertaking business, educational and charitable undertakings.

The “secret society” sophism of the Freemason movement in Costa Rica is intrinsic to the Roman Catholic constitutionality of our country. In the past, the Vatican has condemned Freemasonry (perhaps fearing a power struggle), and thus at one point Freemasonry was not particularly welcome and was ignorantly associated with heresy. It is interesting to note, however, that Freemasonry was introduced in our country by a Roman Catholic priest.

The following report was “secretly shared” on the Facebook Timeline of the Club Masonico Internacional of Illinois:

International Lodge Visit To Costa Rica

Report of Grand Lodge of Illinois Grand Representative, R.W.B. Joseph F. Loayza (Past Master of Glenview United Lodge No. 1058, Glenview, Illinois), for the Grand Lodge of Costa Rica.

R.W.B. Joseph F. Loayza made an official visit to Lodge La Luz No. 3 in San Jose, Costa Rica. This lodge was chartered in the late 19th Century, before the Grand Lodge of Costa Rica was organized in 1899. He was a special guest in the East for

the evening. His visit coincided with the conferral of an Entered Apprentice Degree, and a Grand Lodge of Costa Rica visit.

La Luz Lodge No. 3 has green bordered aprons, and uses the ritual as established by the Grand Lodge of Scotland which R.W.B. Loayza is familiar with since he also saw a Fellowcraft Degree conferred in Edinburgh, Scotland when he visited the lodge of the famous Scottish Poet, Robert Burns, on a previous European trip.

Additionally, R.W.B. Loayza presented the Illinois Grand Master’s Recognition of Unity Medallion to a PGM of the Grand Lodge of Costa Rica who was representing Grand Master Hirish that evening. There was a formal exchange of greetings on behalf of both Grand Lodges and assurance that the medallion would be placed in the Museum of the Grand Lodge of Costa Rica recognizing the fraternal bond between both Grand Lodges. After the Degree Work, a dinner was held and toasts were made to both Grand Lodges.

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