Monday , 22 January 2018
Bristol Freemasons raise £4,000 for Great Western Air Ambulance Charity

Bristol Freemasons raise £4,000 for Great Western Air Ambulance Charity

great-western-air-ambulance-charity-helicopter-gwaacThe Province of Bristol Freemasons have presented Great Western Air Ambulance with a donation of £4,000.

Representatives from the group visited the base, and dressed as Critical Care paramedics for the photo.

The money was raised through The Freemason’s Grand Charity, which has been a regular supporter of air ambulance charities in recent years.

In total the charity has donated more than £1.5million to 22 rescue services since 2007.

Every air ambulance charity in England and Wales has received funding.

Provincial grand charity steward for Bristol Freemasons Chris Cook said: “We are delighted to be able to show our support for Great Western Air Ambulance Charity once again.

“Charitable giving is central to Freemasonry and Bristol Freemasons are especially happy to support organisations that help to save lives and provide support to people in emergency situations.

“The Freemasons Grand Charity works on behalf of all Freemasons in England and Wales, donating millions of pounds to worthy causes every year.”

Air ambulances rely on donations to operate, and the money raised by Bristol Freemasons will enable our paramedics and doctors to reach more people in life threatening situations.

GWAAC chief executive John Christensen said: “The Bristol Freemasons have been great supporters of GWAAC, and once again they have made another generous donation.

“We are very thankful to them for their continued support, they are really making a difference in their local community.

“By supporting GWAAC they are ensuring that the helicopter keeps flying, essentially saving lives.”

GWAAC is one of the few air ambulances who work to the gold standard Critical Care Model, which means rushing a critical care paramedic and critical care doctor to the scene.

Essentially we are a flying Accident and Emergency Department, bringing the hospital to the patients.

The team fly seven days a week, 365 days a year and attend more than 100 incidents per month.

We provide one of the busiest air ambulances in the UK.

Within five minutes of a 999 call to our base the aircraft is in the air, and no more than 20 minutes later the team are anywhere within the region that we cover.

This means that one patient in five – a patient otherwise expected to die – survives.

The GWAAC helicopter is based in Filton, just north of Bristol, and is part of the regional 999 emergency response service.

We receive no funding from the Government or the National Lottery, which means we rely entirely on the generosity of the people we serve to continue operating.