Sunday , 18 February 2018
California Gov’t Aide Arrested for Running a Rogue Masonic Police Force

California Gov’t Aide Arrested for Running a Rogue Masonic Police Force


Cops generally don’t look too kindly on vigilantes, but they apparently hate rogue, Masonic police forces that claim a 3,000 year-old-legacy and jurisdiction in 33 states. Which is why, last week, the LAPD arrested three California residents allegedly behind the Masonic Fraternal Police Department.

The Freemason task force members—identified by the LA Times as David Henry, Tonette Hayes, and Brandon Kiel, who works as an aide to state Atty. Gen. Kamala D. Harris—were arrested last Thursday on suspicion of impersonating a police officer and released later that day.

The group seems to have made its first mistake when it sent various Southern California police chiefs press releases announcing a change in leadership. Their second was asking for a tête-à-tête—you know, cop to cop. From the LA Times:

After the letters were mailed, a man claiming to be Kiel and describing himself as the police force’s “chief deputy director” called various law enforcement agencies to schedule in-person meetings, sheriff’s officials said.

Sheriff’s Capt. Roosevelt Johnson, who heads the department’s Santa Clarita Valley station, met with members of the group and became wary after they could not provide rudimentary information about the group’s aims, the officials said.

Now, being one of the most secretive, controversial, and thus conspiracy-theory-friendly groups in the world—of course the Freemasons’ sworn enforcers didn’t tell the (other) cops anything. Similarly, the Masonic Fraternal Police Department’s website, while incredible, doesn’t reveal much.