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Regional Grand Lodge of Eastern India


The Annual Meetings of the Regional Grand Lodge of Eastern India will be held on March 2 and 3, 2013. Read More »

PSY joins Rotary International in its fight to end polio

PSY joins Rotary International in its fight to end polio

Polio still cripples thousands of children around the world. With your help, we can wipe this disease off the face of the earth forever. Visit to help. PSY joins Rotary International in its fight to end polio. (Park Jae-sang (born December 31, 1977), better known by his stage name Psy, is a famous South Korean singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, and record producer) Read More »

We are not a secret society: Grand Master, Freemasons India


Fiction writer and best-selling author of the Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown, first put Freemasons in the public domain. One of the oldest yet little-known fraternities, they are slowly opening up to the rest of the world. Largely regarded as a secret society and eyed mysteriously by the layman, it’s newly elected Grand Master Vasudeva J Masurekar, India, talks to The Times of India, debunking the myths associated with the organization. He is the chief of the Indian Freemasons and is currently in the Bhopal to attend the golden jubilee celebrations of the Western Lodge. Excerpts: Q. Many conspiracy theories ... Read More »

Masonic education Programme from the Grand Lodge of India


The Grand Lodge of India started the Masonic Education Programme consisting of Certificate Course in first year and Diploma Course in the second year. The idea is to provide to the enrolled brethren with proper knowledge of Craft Masonry in the first year and of other Orders under Indian Constitutions in the second year. The course is divided into 9 Assignments for the first year Certificate Course. These Assignments are further divided to cover following topics: Lodge Management Grand Lodge of India Glossary of Masonic Words & FAQs Philosophy, Principles & Ethics of Freemasonry Origin & History of Freemasonry Symbolism ... Read More »

Mabuhay Shriners Installation

Mabuhay Shriners Installation 1

Yesterday was held the instalation of the elected and appointed Mabuhay Shriners Philippines for the year 2013. Starting July 2010, Mabuhay Shriners is already operating independently under the Jurisdiction of the Imperial Council of the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine for North America. Mabuhay Shriner’s mission is to help and assist burned & crippled children.  (source :       Read More »