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Grand Lodge of Spain recognized 8 Grand Lodges


Madrid, Spain. The Grand Lodge of Spain announced that the Grand Master issued a series of decrees for the recognition of a number of Grand Lodges from Asia, Europe, Africa and South America, thus establishing fraternal relations. In addition to the Grand Lodge of Ukraine, there are the Grand Lodges of Armenia, Montenegro, San Marino, Monaco, Mauritius, Congo-Brazzaville, and Paraguay. (source: http://masoneria357.com/2015/02/24/grand-lodge-of-spain-recognized-8-grand-lodges/) Read More »

Italian Masonic Lodge Stated Cardinal Martini Was One Of Their Own

Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini

On the site Tradition In Action (no, this is not a Sedevacantist site) there is a rather stunning document. The document is not new, and I am surprised it has not received further echo. The site has a screenshot of a tribute rendered by what I think is one of the two biggest Masonic organisations in Italy. We find therein a long rebuke of Pope Benedict for failing to mention the dead Cardinal at the Angelus of 2 September 2012 (this is what the Italian text says; the English translation does not seem very happy to me). But beside this, ... Read More »

First Grand Lodge of England 926 AD, not 1717 AD.


There is a generally accepted story that the first Grand Lodge of England was formed in 1717, a story I have often felt misled Masons into the false narrative that Masonry (Freemasonry) is only a few hundred years old. In fact, English Masonic history goes back more than a thousand years; and I believe that the history of Masonry in general goes back well before the time of Christ. But this post is about English Masonic history, so I will do my best to stay on topic. Well, I did a little reading the other day and came across the ... Read More »

An exclusive insight into UK freemasonry: what is this organisation really about?

An exclusive insight into UK freemasonry

Secret handshakes, mysterious symbols, a veiled society and underground meetings – what do these things make you think of? The cryptic nature of freemasonry since its unconfirmed time of creation has led many to be suspicious of the whole concept. However, freemasons are now working hard to try and change preconceptions people have of them being ‘hidden’ or ‘dodgy’, and instead prove they only aim to contribute positively to the world. I went into my venture to find out more about this organisation as a blank canvas, poised with a notepad, camera, open eyes and open ears. Taking a tour ... Read More »

Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow

Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow - Home Page

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow Lodge 753 Annual Visit On Monday, 2nd February 2015, Lodge Montefiore 753 welcomed the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow for their annual visitation. The Provincial Deputation was headed by SPGM Duncan Mackintosh who was happy to include in their number Br Stewart Cruickshank, PG Organist of Ayrshire,  PM of Ayr, St Paul 204 and an Honorary Member of PGL of Glasgow. Br Stewart is well known for his photographic prowess and the we thank him for the images not only in this report but throughout the site. The deputation was welcomed into the Lodge by ... Read More »