Monday , 22 January 2018

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‘Sacred geometry’ was talk subject yesterday at Masonic Family Center, Chico, California


Artist, sculptor and geometrician Frank Chester gave yesterday a free lecture, “A New Sacred Geometry,” 7-9:30 p.m. for those interested in learning about sacred geometric research and its applications. Using math and science, Chester creates a three-dimensional form of the “Flower of Life,” a geometrical figure composed of multiple evenly-spaced overlapping circles, and the “Seed of Life,” formed from seven circles being placed with sixfold symmetry. The lecture was held at Chico Masonic Family Center, 1110 W. East Ave. (source : Chico,     Read More »

Masonic Village resident celebrates 100th

Masonic Village 6

Nothing can stop Gerald Bange from doing what he loves best — reading and listening to music. Bange particularly enjoys the murder-mystery stories by Agatha Christie and has developed a rich sense of wonder and profound love of piano music. His lifelong passion for books, music and art will be commemorated as he marks a century of life today. A big birthday celebration was held on Friday in Huntingdon, where the centenarian lived for many years. Bange joined by friends from Masonic Mount Moriah Lodge No. 300, of which he has been a member for 60 years. A resident of ... Read More »

Goliad Masonic Lodge – Texas, to re-enactment charter ceremony

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The building is 159 years old, but the ideals it was founded on are much older – dating back to the 1500s. And the goal of all the men at the Goliad Masonic Lodge, the oldest continuously used lodge in Texas, is to keep those values alive. “We find the good men, and we try to make them better by teaching the old ways, the old crafts and what it means,” said Victoria historian Kenneth Booth. Booth, a mason for about 30 years, has researched the history of the lodge and of Goliad. He is putting together a re-enactment of ... Read More »

Masonic Park to Open for Orangetown Summer Camp


Earlier this week, management of the Masonic Park in Tappan confirmed that it was putting all upcoming events on hold. That led concerned residents and representatives of local groups to voice their displeasure at Tuesday’s town board meeting. Orangetown Supervisor Andy Stewart received a letter Friday confirming that Orangetown’s summer recreation program will be able to use the facility. Orangetown has been able to use the venue for free. “I am relieved and thrilled that our efforts have borne fruit and the Masonic campground will be open to the town’s summer camp,” Stewart said. “I have personally thanked the Masons and I ... Read More »

Billie Mosse Masonic Lodge, Texas


The Billie Mosse Masonic Lodge #1152 will hold a special presentation of its Community Builder Award this Saturday. Recipients will be Dr. Jeannine Hatt and Dr. Chuck Phelps. The ceremony will be held at 6:30 p.m. at the lodge, located in Denison. It will be open to Masons, as well as family members and friends of the honorees. (source:, Read More »