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100 Years of English Freemasonry’s service to Nigeria


The District Grand Lodge of Nigeria celebrates its 100th Anniversary in 2013 and extends an invitation to you to join in the celebrations which are scheduled to hold between 26th of October and 2nd of November 2013. The exact dates and itinerary will be updated by 1st of May 2012. For more information, please contact 2013@dgln.org   Read More »

Harun Yahya Representatives at the Grand Lodge of Italy


Dr. Oktar Babuna attended the opening of the Grand Lodge of Italy in Rome as an ambassador of Mr. Adnan Oktar. He placed an Italian Quran in the lodge and made a speech about Islam’s being a religion of peace and love. He also explained how Islam denounces terrorism, and is against radicalism and that all believers should unite against atheism. Grand Master Gian Franco Pilloni presented a plaque to Mr. Adnan Oktar for sending his ambassador to this opening. Read More »

Statements on Grande Loge Nationale Française (GLNF) – withdrawal of recognition


Statements by The President of the Board of General Purposes and The Grand Chancellor concerning Grande Loge Nationale Française (GLNF) The President of the Board of General Purposes, RW Bro Anthony Wilson: MW Pro Grand Master and Brethren, I believe that there is nothing in the Board’s Report that calls for comment, except for the paragraphs relating to the National Grand Lodge of France, and even they are largely self-explanatory. Since this Grand Lodge suspended relations with the GLNF twelve months ago the Board has continued to monitor the situation. It is clear that the GLNF is not in full ... Read More »

American Masonic Alliance (A.M.A.)


The Grand Orient USA is now a member of the American Masonic Alliance. The American Masonic Alliance (A.M.A.) is the vanguard of the 21st century Freemasonry in the three Americas: North, Central and South, from Canada in the North to Argentina in the South. The A.M.A. is comprised of the Grand Orients and Grand Lodges that have maintained, without interruption, the Masonic principles of liberty and freedom that have been central to the philosophy of the institution since time immemorial. These are one and the same with those of the founders of the democracies throughout the Americas. Francisco de Miranda, ... Read More »