Monday , 22 January 2018
Chingford Freemasons help raise £700,000 for charities

Chingford Freemasons help raise £700,000 for charities

Freemasons from Chingford contributed to nearly £700,000 that was given to charity in 2012, according to figures collected by Essex Freemasonry. Donations that came from members of 37 lodges in Chingford are thought to have amounted to £80,000 of the total sent to more than 370 local charities by Freemasons across Essex.

About £50,000 went to hospices, while around £120,000 to medical research and local hospitals, £40,000 was collected for children’s charities and £50,000 was given to military service organisations.

John Michael Webb, Provincial Grand Master for Essex, said: “Monies raised come directly from Freemasons and their families. “This magnificent sum is also the result of hundreds of individual lodges and other Masonic orders across Essex independently choosing to support charities in their own local communities.” He added that aside from the more ordinary fundraising methods such as raffles, younger Freemasons collected cash by bungee jumping and cycling from London to Brighton.


(source: Joe Curtis,