Tuesday , 23 January 2018
District Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Central South Africa

District Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Central South Africa


This is my first message as Grand Superintendent, and would start by extending my sincerest thanks to all those Companions who have expressed this great trust in me. I will do my best to satisfy your desires within our order which I will dwell on later on in this message. I would like to also extend a resounding thank you to MEC Dave Gardiner who held the reins during the massive and worldwide financial meltdown that has severely impacted all orders and constitutions of Freemasonry throughout the world. Dave had a tsunami of problems to resolve and fend off. Thank You


I would like to thank the great Delegation from Scotland who travelled so far to be with us and the representatives of Western Cape, Eastern Cape together with the DGM, Natal and Zimbabwe not to mention the support from our Sister constitutions. At this point I would like to thank Tony Marcs for playing the pipes. This was a first for me and the task could not have fallen to anyone I respect more. The only problem, I so enjoyed it that I will look for other excuses to call on Tony’s expertise.

The Convocation attendance was again better attended than last year, a trend is being formed let it continue. It was with great delight that the commissioned office bearers were with minimal exception in attendance at the convocation. This group of Companions are a great team and I thank you all for your previous support and your support for the scrum during the year ahead. At this point I would like to thank MEC Robbie Webster and his team from the Douglas Royal Arch Chapter for again manning the bar and providing that vital service during Harmony. Also Tommy Hair provided the catering and again provided a meal to be talked about.

I would also like to thank my late Sister for her help, Dave and Diann with whose help the Convocation would not have happened; and of course the ladies God bless them.


I am going to use this platform to ask all our companions to make their best efforts in the following disciplines:

Build close and tight ties with your Craft Lodge/s, support them. We as an order need a strong and vibrant Craft to survive as no one can be a Royal Arch Mason without being a Craft Mason in Good standing;

The order has gone through some very challenging times especially on the financial front and I appeal to you and your Chapter to do what is right and Masonic and pay your dues searching for invoices instead of using their non delivery as an excuse for non-payment. If there is a problem please feel free to discuss it with me; and

Support the Chapters locally. We will be publishing an up-to-date schedule of meeting nights and I ask that you support your neighbour Chapters as is the case with Acacia, Golden Thistle, Brixton and Douglas Chapters for workings in the Cryptic and Lodge & Council.

In the final stages of this message I would like to firstly welcome and announce that Jerry Mattarelli is now officially District Grand Scribe E and also to thank John for the many years he held that office.

Lastly will all members and the families of the Royal Arch degrees and the Craft lodges that our members belong to accept my sincerest wishes for the festive season and may you all enjoy a blessed celebration and I hope the Most High will grant you peace and prosperity during the coming year.

MEC Orlando L Edwards.

Grand Superintendent

(source :  District Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Central South Africa)