Sunday , 18 February 2018
Fantastic Special Bike for Mt View Primary School

Fantastic Special Bike for Mt View Primary School

MtViewPrimarySchool1_200x180She advised that the school had been prompted to make the contact as a result of viewing Channel 31’s Freemasons: The Inside Story.

Late in 2013, Freemasons Victoria and Lodge of Rapport responded to the request to fund the special bicycle that is designed to assist pupils with a physical disability. Fitted with special pedals and training wheels, the bike is also capable of supporting heavier children and provides an upright riding position.

The Lodge of Rapport donated funds, which were matched dollar for dollar by the Freemasons Victoria Board of Benevolence, totalling the cost for the bicycle of $729.50.

It took some time, but on Monday 26 May 2014, the Mt View Primary School was presented with a fantastic new bike made by Solve Victoria. The bike will enable children like Kenisha pictured,
to take part in the Physical Education program at the School. Mt View Primary School offers education to students with disabilities, in a regular school environment including Physical Education for disabled students.