Tuesday , 23 January 2018
First installation at new Kerneforde Hall

First installation at new Kerneforde Hall

Carnforth’s magnificent new Masonic home opens for business

Warton Lodge No 8411 held its installation ceremony in the new Kerneforde Hall at Carnforth which was wrought from the debris of an old night club by volunteer Masons to become a home fit for 21st century Freemasonry. This was the first installation ceremony to be held in the new premises and the lodge was very pleased to welcome Peter Mason as the representative of the Provincial Grand Master, together with group chairman Jim Wilson and vice-chairman Martin Baxendale.

The name ‘Kerneforde Hall’ comes from the old name for Carnforth and is derived from the town’s old function as a ford of the River Keer on which it is situated. Over time the descriptive name ‘Keer-ford’ may have morphed into Carnforth. The name could also be derived from the old Anglo-Saxon name for the town which was ‘Chreneforde’ so it is certainly an apt name for a new home of ‘antient freemasonry’.

Pictured from left to right are: Roger Nevison, Jim Wilson, James Stewart, Peter Mason, Fred Frobisher, Bill Manderson and Martin Baxendale

(For Additional information you could visit : http://www.westlancsfreemasons.org.uk and http://www.lancastermasonicgroup.org.uk)