Sunday , 18 February 2018
Freemasonary anniversary

Freemasonary anniversary

New Glasgow – For 175 years Freemasonry has flourished in NewGlasgow, and in recognition of this long period of history, Albion Lodge No. 5 on the Register of the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia will be observing this landmark event with a formal dinner and ceremony on Saturday November 16th at Summer Street Industries.

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The Grand Master of Masons in Nova Scotia, MWBro. George A. Grant will be in attendance as well as may other Grand Lodge Officers, Distinguished guests, along with other Brothers of the Masonic Fraternity from Pictou County and beyond. This night will also mark the time of the year when we as Masons recognize the efforts of our Ladies in supporting us in our Masonic Labours. With most marriages it is a team effort, and Freemasonry does take the man out of the house some evenings, so this is our way to say thank you to the women in our lives, that although they may not take the masonic journey with us, their support, encouragement and understanding is appreciated.

During the past 175 years Albion Lodge has held its regular monthly communications at various locations within our town. It is a far cry from the present Lodgeroom to that one of 175 years ago when the brethren first gathered upstairs under the sloping roof of Mrs. Chisholm’s Inn, where the rental was 3 shillings, and Mrs. Chisholm supplied the candles. For the first 25 years of its life it was Lodge No. 692, and then No. 470 in 1863, of the Grand Lodge of England. On June 24, 1869 it became Albion No. 5 of the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia.

Following the start of life at Mrs. Chisholm’s Inn, the lodge had several homes before reaching its present meeting place at the A.D.E. Tri-Lodge on Little Harbour Rd. It met for years overhead in the wooden building that was at one-time occupied by a printing shop, opposite of the Academy of Music. Next it was located on the 3rd floor over Barker’s Store and from there they moved to their long time home on Dalhousie Street. There they remained until 1995 when they, along with Doric Lodge No. 91 from Trenton and Euclid Lodge No. 92, also from New Glasgow, joined together in joint ownership of the newly formed A.D.E. Tri-Lodge building, which was previous the Harris Roome building on Little Harbour Rd. Here we still meet on the second Wednesday of every month except during the summer.

It is a significant factor worthy of note, that in the last 175 years of Freemasonry in New Glasgow, there have been very few prominent men whose names cannot be found on the Masonic Roll. Whether of the clergy, medicine or law, merchandising, manufacturing or journalism; shipbuilding, mining or lumbering, and in the realm of politics, practically all of the town’s foremost citizens in the last 175 years have been Freemasons including 18 Mayors of New Glasgow, 9 Members of the Legislature, 4 Members of Parliament and 1 Senator and 1 Lieutenant Governor, all having been raised as Brothers of Albion, and most having served as Master of this storied Lodge.

In Freemasonry in New Glasgow, there were also and still are men of humbler means, the type of citizenry which actually is the backbone of society; men of trades, educators, subordinates of business and manufacturing executives. Where better than in this Lodge of 175 Years could there be found a better example of comradeship, brotherly love and fraternal spirit between mankind than in this institution, a common ground for men of all vocations.

Freemasonry in New Glasgow has nobly lived up to the traditions of the great order which for 5000 years has stood the test of time. New Glasgow has been the better for it, as has every city and country around the world where Masonry exists.

Not for personal gain in membership has Masonry thrived in New Glasgow. The benefit of pooling of ideas, the seeing the other fellow’s point of view, and the mutual understanding between those of influential means and others who toil, when they meet together as brothers of a common bond, is the true measure of the success of Freemasonry in New Glasgow. Long may our Craft Flourish.