Tuesday , 20 February 2018
Freemasonry all about charity

Freemasonry all about charity


The Freemasons Fund for Bermuda drew high praise for its donations to local charities this week.

Meals on Wheels, PALS and the Coalition for the Protection of Children each received $2,000 at a presentation at Freemasons Hall.

The Fund is the fundraising arm for all 13 Masonic lodges on the Island. It’s donated more than $200,000 to charities since it was established a few years ago, said its president, Glendall Phillips.

Bermuda is considered unique because, despite its relatively small size, it has representatives of the Grand Lodges of England, Ireland and Scotland.

Each of the lodges is a member of the FFFB and contributes accordingly.

Donations are not made to religious, political or Masonic organisations, Freemasons or their families.

Meals on Wheels president Joe Gibbons said the organisation’s volunteers deliver approximately 160 hot and nutritious meals to people in need. He said the donation would be used to continue that service.

The money would be used by PALS to continue the care it provides for cancer patients at home, said the charity’s executive director Karen Dyer.

Sheelagh Cooper, chairperson of the Coalition for the Protection of Children, said the funds would help in their efforts to meet the needs of children and their families.

Their mission is twofold: to heighten public awareness of children’s issues and advocate on behalf of them and their families, and to provide services which address critical but unmet needs to ensure that all children grow up in a safe and nurturing environment. A main element of the Coalition is providing breakfast to children in eight different schools.