Monday , 22 January 2018
Freemasonry is big contributor

Freemasonry is big contributor


Whilst it was very encouraging to read your article on a cheque being presented for £1,700 to Kerwin Court on 10th of January by the rather vaguely described ‘Carfax Lodge’, I couldn’t help wondering where the ‘F’ word was?

By this I mean Freemasonry – the second biggest contributors to charitable causes after the National Lottery, and contrary to popular myth, extensively to non-masonic charities also.

The Kent and Sussex Air Ambulance being but one of many examples, which goes largely un-noticed by the general public.

Masonry perhaps hasn’t helped itself in the past, preferring to keep a low profile regarding the many millions it gives away – solely raised from its own members incidentally.

But the perceived reluctance of many members of the media to report these stories is quite baffling and something that needs to change. We are working hard to redress this balance without shouting it from the rooftops, and some more positive reporting would be most appreciated.

Surely your readers deserve to be clearer informed of the source of the donation to enable them to have a more balanced view?


Lancing Lodge 6352, Henfield Road, Cowfold

Editor’s note: the article was published in the ‘Your News’ section of the County Times where members of the community are invited to submit articles in their own words for publication. The article was published as submitted by a member of the Carfax Lodge, and did not include the word Freemasonry.