Monday , 22 January 2018
Freemasons reveal all in Australia

Freemasons reveal all in Australia

The Gympie Freemasons Centre is opening its doors to the public on Tuesday night, October 30.  Local Freemason Adan Taylor said the group was keen to spread the word about the benefits of Freemasonry and dispel some common myths.  “While we do have a secret handshake and some parts of our ceremonies are private, we are definitely not a secret society,” he said.

“Our handshake is like a PIN number and in the early days it was used by Freemasons to identify themselves and protect their highly-skilled trade of stone masonry.”  Mr Taylor said there were approximately 1000 Freemasons from all walks of life in 12 lodges across the Gympie district.  “A lot of people think we are an old boys’ club but the average age of new members in Queensland is 38,” he said.  “Freemasonry in Gympie is almost as old as the town itself with the first lodge consecrated nearly 150 years ago at the old Masonic Hall in Duke St.”  Joining Freemasonry was a rite of passage for Mr Taylor who is a third generation Freemason.  “I joined when I was 21 and the best thing about Freemasonry is that you can walk into a strange town and never feel like a stranger,” Mr Taylor said.  “We teach good men how to live better lives and that’s why I’d encourage anyone who’s interested to bring their partner, family or friends along to see what it’s all about.  “A light supper will be served and visitors will also have the opportunity to meet senior local Freemasons and Grand Lodge officers, as well as ask any questions they may have about Freemasonry.”

Open night

TIME: 7:30pm

DATE: Tuesday, October 30

LOCATION: Gympie Freemasons Centre, 37 Channon Street, Gympie, Queensland, Australia

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