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Goliad Masonic Lodge – Texas, to re-enactment charter ceremony

Goliad Masonic Lodge – Texas, to re-enactment charter ceremony

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The building is 159 years old, but the ideals it was founded on are much older – dating back to the 1500s. And the goal of all the men at the Goliad Masonic Lodge, the oldest continuously used lodge in Texas, is to keep those values alive. “We find the good men, and we try to make them better by teaching the old ways, the old crafts and what it means,” said Victoria historian Kenneth Booth. Booth, a mason for about 30 years, has researched the history of the lodge and of Goliad. He is putting together a re-enactment of the chartering members.

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“We have Texas Rangers, we have Indian fighters, we have doctors, we have lawyers, educators, and all of them have made their mark in Goliad history, not just this lodge,” Booth said. “The mayor of Goliad in 1854 was the master of this lodge.” Booth said he has used minutes from the meetings, Goliad history and town records to learn about the men who founded the lodge. The re-enactment, which will even use old oil lamps, is open to the public, said member Don Angell.

“It gives the people the opportunity to see that masons are just people,” Angell said. “We have been accused of being a secret organization, but we are not. … This would give the general public a chance to come see what is inside a Masonic lodge, what we see on a day-to-day basis.”

Ten of the current members will act out, in costume, the characters of the charter members. Booth said he wants to show the community the history of the lodge and of Goliad.

Mason Pat Calhoun, of Goliad, said he was excited to act in the show, especially because his family has been part of the lodge for more than 100 years. His great-grandfather was a lodge master in 1915. “You learn, you grow, you mature, and when the time is right, you are shown the next level,” Calhoun said.

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