Monday , 22 January 2018
Grand Lodge of Idaho A.F & A.M.

Grand Lodge of Idaho A.F & A.M.

 Grand Masters Message 2013-04


Brothers this last month has been very busy – more with work then masonry. However I have been able to attend several lodges, youth activities, the Grand Lodge of Utah and the Whitman County PM night. There have been a lot of activity in the lodges around the state and I am very pleased with what is going on.

The bad news however is that our membership took a larger loss in 2012 then we had anticipated. This reduces the number of masons able to do the work of spreading the “Light of Freemasonry” around the state. We all have to work harder to see to that work. The reduction in members also reduces those paying per capita and puts further strain on the budget. We are rapidly approaching the point where we have only three options:

  • Make more new members (but remember that quality is more important then quantity)
  • Reduce the budget with cuts to services
  • Raise the per capita

Please have some serious discussions in your lodges as to how the masons in this state are to approach this issue.

Now for more fun items, the 74th Annual Exemplification of the Master Masons degree will occur at Portneuf Lodge in Pocatello on March 2. This is a great evening full of fun and fellowship. If you plan on attending and eating dinner please RSVP Owen Stanley the secretary of Portneuf Lodge.

On May 11th, there will be a Masonic Fellowship Banquet in Boise which is open to all masons, OES, Shrine, Jobs Daughters, Rainbow etc. More information will be coming out of the GL office shortly.

The GL will be doing a building dedication in Challis on March 23, the exact time has not been decided yet, more information when it becomes available.


Keith Brooks MWGM

(source :  Grand Lodge of Idaho A.F & A.M.)