Tuesday , 23 January 2018
Grand Lodge of Louisiana : Philippines Disaster Relief

Grand Lodge of Louisiana : Philippines Disaster Relief


Please see the following message from M: W: H Edward Durham, Grand Master concerning Philippines disaster relief.

BRETHREN: As always, We, as Masons, stand ready to step up to the plate and assist our brethren who have been devastated. Just as the various Grand Lodges came to our relief after the Hurricanes, We will be assisting with the Philippines disaster relief. In this vein, I would appreciate it if all donations to assist the brethren and people of The Philippines be sent to:

The Grand Lodge of Louisiana 5746 Masonic Drive Alexandria, LA 71301

Mark your donation “Philippines Disaster Relief”. As you can imagine responding to an open “web post” results with no control over where the donations land and will doubtless result in a disorganized excess of goods being sent to one place with no distribution system in place to help those truly in need. This type of disorganized relief often adds to the burden and confusion of the officials in the area. I truly appreciate the desire and efforts of those wanting to help, but it is best done in an organized manner.