Monday , 22 January 2018
Masons boost Deaf School

Masons boost Deaf School


The almost forgotten National School for the Deaf has attracted the largesse of Rose Croix Masons in Sierra Leone, to assist the school overcome some of its logistics problems, including repair of their bus. The school bus has been grounded for the past six months.

In the less than 30 minutes ceremony in one of the class- rooms at the school premises along Wilkinson Road, representatives of both the Scottish and English Districts, together with other personalities of the Freemasonry in Sierra Leone, gathered to witness what was considered a maiden cash donation to one of Sierra Leone’s most deprived schools. In a snappy comment, the Head of Freemasons’ English Constitution Dr. Olubumi Robin-Coker said that one of their fund-raising activities held quite recently yielded the sum of five million Leones (Le 5,000,000) to assist the School for the Deaf in the area of capacity-building. Explaining the creed associated with Freemasonry, Dr. Robin Coker said “our principle is to show love for one another, build trust and the desire to help the poor and the needy, as much as we can”.

The School for the deaf being one of their areas of passion, he said that during the celebrations marking the 50th anniversary, they presented office equipment to the school to enhance administrative activities, and had dinner for pupils of the Deaf School. He said that the donation therefore, was geared towards strengthening the capacity of the pupils, especially in the area of technical and vocational courses as empowerment for their future. Presenting the five million Leones cheque to the Board Chairman of the school for the deaf, the Head of the Scottish Constitution, Ivan Gordon said that Freemasons as a body is endowed with the spirit of charity. Therefore, they are always looking out for opportunities to assist those in need, out of which many other institutions have benefited over the years. He promised that they will continue to serve humanity; providing assistance and capacity to every other institution around the country.

The Board Chairman of the School for the Deaf, Dr. Arthur D.O. Wright expressed gratitude and said “the donation came at the right time”. He said that the school is faced with numerous challenges in the area of logistic and other areas concerned with the running of the school. He said that besides the meager government subvention the school receives, it has been very difficult for them to access funding and donations to undertake fruitful projects in the school. He appealed to other institutions to emulate what Rose Croix has demonstrated, as a way of addressing the educational needs of the disabled in the country. He said that the school is badly in need of support to boost its technical capacity to enhance teaching of oral, as well as, sign language, for which the school was established in 1964. He assured that the money will be judiciously utilized in addressing their numerous needs and attend to repairs.

(source: Poindexter Sama,