Tuesday , 23 January 2018
Masonic education Programme from the Grand Lodge of India

Masonic education Programme from the Grand Lodge of India

The Grand Lodge of India started the Masonic Education Programme consisting of Certificate Course in first year and Diploma Course in the second year. The idea is to provide to the enrolled brethren with proper knowledge of Craft Masonry in the first year and of other Orders under Indian Constitutions in the second year.


The course is divided into 9 Assignments for the first year Certificate Course. These Assignments are further divided to cover following topics:

  • Lodge Management
  • Grand Lodge of India
  • Glossary of Masonic Words & FAQs
  • Philosophy, Principles & Ethics of Freemasonry
  • Origin & History of Freemasonry
  • Symbolism

The 2nd year Diploma Course will also contain 8 Assignments sub-divided into R.A.Chapter, Mark Masonry and Royal Ark Masonry and more modules with in depth knowledge in Craft Masonry.

After undergoing this education course the participant, armed with proper knowledge of the Order viz., Freemasonry’s aims, its underlying Ethics & Aspirations and would then, hopefully, Reach out to others with confidence; especially when he is asked about Masonry, which has hitherto been often dubbed as a secret society.

The ensuing Masonic Education Program is a sincere effort to Raise the bar of performance at every level, in keeping with the sentiments as expressed by the Most Worshipful the Grand Masters from time to time.  On completion of the first year course, the brethren will receive a Certificate at Region’s meet and on completion of Diploma Course, a Breast Jewel (as Masonic Scholar) and Diploma at Grand Festivals.

The Application form can be downloaded and duly filled sent to GLI office at New Delhi alongwith a cheque of Rs.1000/- (favouring GLI)

Since it is a correspondence Course, for convenience of brethren answer to Assignments can also be sent to the assigned Tutor by e-mail, who in turn will send his comments also by e-mail.

 For More Details Contact:


Masonic Education Programme,

The Grand Lodge of India,

Freemasons’ Hall, P.O.Box 681, Janpath, New Delhi-110 001


Email: glindiamasoniced@gmail.com