Sunday , 18 February 2018
Mumbai Chhaap: Freemasons Hall in Fort

Mumbai Chhaap: Freemasons Hall in Fort


Chances of mistaking the Freemasons Hall for an abandoned site are high yet this landmark is a must-visit. It was on this day in 1897 that HE Lord Sandhurst, then Governor of Bombay was anointed as the Grand Master (head of the Freemasonry community) at Fort’s Novelty Cinema. On March 5, 1898, this Hall was opened and dedicated to the community.

This ceremony was performed by Lord Sandhurst, as he was the Grand Master of the English and the Scottish Constitutions. The main temple in the Freemasons’ Hall is called the Sandhurst Temple. A marble wall of Bro KR Cama is at the entrance. In 1886, Bro John Adams (renowned city architect) designed and supervised the construction of the throne and pedestal for the Grand Master. Freemasonry had come to the city in 1758. In 1764, a Provincial Grand Lodge was formed, with Bro James Todd being appointed the first Provincial Grand Master by Earl Ferrers. After that W Bro George Taylor, the WM of Lodge St George, was installed as the first true Provincial Grand Master of Bombay on July 16, 1861.

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