Tuesday , 20 February 2018


Freemasonry in the Ottoman Empire


  The June 2015 edition of popular history magazine “Derin Tarih” (Deep History) claimed to expose the “hidden history” of how Freemasonry played a key role in bringing down the Ottoman Empire. The magazine is published by the same company that owns pro-Justice and Development Party (AKP) newspaper Yeni ?afak, and it is always full of similarly bombastic stories, revealing “historical documents” of dubious veracity. Freemasons may not be the AKP’s number one enemy, but residual paranoia about Freemasonry still lingers on at the fringes of Turkish politics. (Back in the 1970s, current President Erdo?an wrote and performed in a ... Read More »

Freemasons are actually a bunch of regular guys


When you enter the Grand Lodge of the Freemasons in Ireland, in Molesworth Street, Dublin 2, it has the feel of a gentleman’s club and I am ushered politely into the library to await the presence of the Most Worshipful Brother Douglas T Grey, Grand Master of the order founded in Ireland in 1725. ‘Doughie’, as it turns out, is dressed conventionally in blazer and slacks, the garb of an insurance executive, which he once was. But within these walls he is referred to as ‘Grand Master’ and when he talks personally or on his phone he speaks to ‘Young ... Read More »

Man celebrates 65 years of Freemasonry

ONTARIO — Ontario Masonic Lodge, Acacia Lodge 118, members have had much to celebrate recently. In addition to the lodge’s 115th anniversary last year, one of its members, Chuck Locey, of Fruitland, celebrated his 65th year as a Mason this year. The group honored him at its annual picnic, which was held Aug. 15 in secretary Will Hasley’s backyard. “I’ve enjoyed it immensely,” Locey said of his time in Freemasonry. As with all Masonic members, membership has to be self-sought; nobody is asked to join. So it was by chance that Locey found his way into the organization on his ... Read More »

Head of Freemasonry visits children’s centre following £10k donation


Children enjoying their end of term day at the PACE Centre on Wendover Road, Aylesbury welcomed Gordon Robertson, head of Freemasonry in Buckinghamshire, when he visited to see the covered play area in used, following a £10,000 donation towards its construction. PACE is a family-centred charity which provides an innovative education for LIFE for children with sensory motor disorders, such as cerebral palsy. The play area was opened in January along with the Weston Centre and is part of the first stage of the building project which is eventually going to be the new Early Years and Independence Training Centre ... Read More »

Norwood Masonic Lodge helps Lawrenceville Volunteer Fire Department buy ladder truck


LAWRENCEVILLE — Much like the Lawrenceville Volunteer Fire Department responds when it’s called to action, so too has the Norwood Masonic Lodge. An $8,500 donation from the lodge enabled the fire department to purchase a used ladder truck that treasurer John LaShomb Jr. said will help them significantly in fighting fires. “I just felt overwhelmed,” said Mr. LaShomb, who is also a member of the Norwood Masonic Lodge. He said the job of firefighters has been made more difficult these days with the installation of tin roofs, as well as new furnaces that are more efficient — but with chimneys ... Read More »