Tuesday , 20 February 2018
Read the latest Essex Mason Magazine

Read the latest Essex Mason Magazine


You can read the latest Essex Mason Magazine at : http://www.essex-lodges.org/em/70/em.html.

Essex is the fourth largest province in England and Wales with more than 300 Lodges and 11,600 members. In Essex there is a very special charity called ´Teddies for Loving Care´ which provides a constant supply of colourful Teddy Bears to all Accident and Emergency units throughout the county. This scheme was started in March 2001 and has now spread to 34 Masonic Provinces in England and Wales. To-date we have donated over 1 Million teddies to sick and injured children.

For more info you can visit the Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex site at : http://www.essex-lodges.org/pgm_notes.aspx