Monday , 22 January 2018
Scottish Rite Canada

Scottish Rite Canada

The Scottish Rite Clarion Winter 2013 edition has now been posted under “Clarion Magazine” for your perusal and reading pleasure.



Clarion Magazine is an authorized publication on behalf of the Supreme Council and the Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation. In choosing the name Clarion, which means a clear sounding trumpet, we hope to send forth and spread the good news of Scottish Rite throughout the land and beyond.

It is the commitment of the editorial board, through its Editor-in-Chief to produce an excellent publication worthy of the good works of our Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation and to share with each other the ongoing life of the Scottish Rite family at work and play across our great country.

This publication enables us all to strengthen our witness and service to the great principles and tenets we respect and hold dear.