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The Masonic History of Bewley’s Hotel


Bewley’s Hotel on the Merrion Road is one of the most infamously grand buildings in Dublin. Sumptuous and eye-catching to the passerby, the design of the building is also provocative to history students, and no doubt the odd conspiracy theorist, as it is distinctly marked by motifs and designs associated with the tradition of Freemasonry. A window in the shape of a hexagram, and the letter ‘G’ surmounted by a compass and a set square are especially prominent. The building itself dates back to 1881 or 1882 (sources vary) but the construction was certainly completed by 1882. It was designed ... Read More »


1658265251_GLNF joint statement - Jun 2014 edited

GRANDE LOGE NATIONALE FRANÇAISE In 2012 the United Grand Lodge of England, the Grand Lodge of Ireland and the Grand Lodge of Scotland (the Home Grand Lodges), because of internal problems within the Grande Loge Nationale Française (GLNF), each withdrew recognition from the GLNF. This action was undertaken in the belief that it was in the best interests of the Home Grand Lodges to distance themselves from the problems within the GLNF and to give the GLNF time and space to resolve their problems without external interference. The Home Grand Lodges continued to monitor the situation and believe that the ... Read More »

Grand Lodge of Ireland has recognized GLNF. UGLE will make the announcement this week


London, United Kingdom. Tomorrow takes place the Quarterly Annual Communication of the United Grand Lodge of England. The event is expected with excitement by members of the French National Grand Lodge, given the French expectations of having again the confidence English Brethren. UGLE is expected to communicate in the following days that GLNF respect regularity standards and that the two Grand Lodges will restore fraternal relations. Grand Lodge of Ireland already announced last week that recognition was resumed for GLNF. Grand Lodge of Scotland will announce in next period it recognition regarding GLNF. Source: Read More »