Monday , 22 January 2018
The Oldest Masonic Lodge in the World

The Oldest Masonic Lodge in the World

The oldest Masonic Lodge in the world (with verifiable lodge minutes) is the Lodge of Edinburgh No. 1, Edinburgh, Scotland…sometimes known as Mary’s Chapel. The Lodge is situated in Edinburgh, Scotland under the auspices of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. It is number 1 on the Roll, and as it possesses the oldest minute of any masonic lodge in existence (July 31st, 1599) and the first historical reference of a non-operative or speculative freemason being initiated as a member (1634), it is reputed to be the oldest Masonic Lodge not only in Scotland, but the world.


In July, 1949, it observed its 350th anniversary of its establishment. In 2013 Lodge of Edinburgh No. 1 is 414 years old.

First Operative to Speculative in Scotland – 1600: As early as 1600, The Lodge of Edinburgh began to admit non-operative Freemasons. In June, 1600, the Laird of Auchinleck was made a speculative member, the first authentic record of the making of such a member.

The famous Dr. Desaguliers visited the Lodge of Edinburgh on August 24, 1721. He had served as Grand Master of England and was referred to as “General Master Desaguliers”. On the next day, while he was present, the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, the Treasurer, the Deacon Convener of the Trades and the Clerk to the Dean of the Guild Court were admitted as members. This date is thought to mark the change over from operative to speculative Freemasonry in Scotland.

The lodge meets at 19 Hill Street, in the New Town, in a building erected in the 1820s. Designed by architect George Angus, it was built as a “Subscription Baths and Drawing Academy”, but was purchased by the lodge in 1893.

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